Tina Time-lapse

Tina Time-lapse is an Android application that enables you to use your Android device to record high resolution images at an interval. These images can later be used to create a time-lapse video.


The first screen contains 3 buttons on top of the camera preview. The camera preview shows a live view of what the camera would record if you were recording. Filters and white-balance are taken into account when creating the preview. The second button will start and stop the recording process.


The first button on the preview screen will take you to the settings screen, where you can change the following settings:

  • time-lapse name
  • photo resolution
  • photo quality
  • white balance
  • scene mode
  • color effect
  • focus mode
  • flash mode
  • geotagging
  • storage location
  • optional capture limit
  • and of course the interval

When all the settings are set to your liking you can click done to get back to the preview screen and start recording a time-lapse.


The third button on the preview screen will take you to the list screen. This is where all the time-lapses are listed including information about them like the interval and how many photos the time-lapse contains. A long press on an entry in the list will allow you to delete the time-lapse or force Android's gallery to include the images.

Converting the images into a video

This is a very old video in which I explain how to transform the images into a time-lapse video, make sure you watch it in HD.