European motorcycle adventure - week 3

After camping close to the road for the past 2 days I wanted to go a bit further into nature again and made my way to the Färnebofjärden National Park north of Stockholm. The road led me past a small Naturreservat called Näs alongside the Skedvisjon lake. It was the warmest day so far and I was eager to get out of my motorcycle gear. After some hesitation and making sure I was quite alone I threw all my clothes on a pile and jumped in the water. Clear blue sky, perfect location, perfect temperature, I floated around for I don't know how long and I felt so relaxed, at home, priviledged, it was such a positive experience.

Believe it or not, the day kept getting better. When I arrived at the Färnebofjärden National Park I found a designated campsite next to a wide river with a picnic table, fireplace, supply of firewood and even an outhouse. After a simple rice dinner I built a fire in the fireplace and went for another swim. Getting out of the water and having a fire already roaring to warm up to was so good. The rest of the evening was spent staring in to the fire and falling asleep next to it.

2 days later I met up with Anna again who brought along Piet who she had met while doing her round-trip to the Nordkap. Piet knew a campsite close by that was run by friends of his and we decided for all 3 of us to go there. While riding to the campsite we found ourselves at a lookout point overlooking the Swedish country side. A conveniently placed restaurant had us enjoying some waffles and tea before continuing along a dirt road.

Camping Ljusdal proved to be a really nice place run by very friendly people.

The next day the 3 of us rode to the Syrian lake and had a pizza lunch, Piet then headed back to the campsite while Anna and I continued south to find a spot to camp in the wild. It took some effort but we found a great place in the end. It was a forest, next to a lake and the best thing, the forest floor was covered with blue berries. We set up camp, went for a swim and then cooked some burgers over a campfire.

The next day Anna and I said our goodbyes again as I was to start moving towards Germany and she planned to stay in Scandinavia a bit longer. Malmö seemed both a good distance away and a good place to figure out which of the ferries to take to get to Germany, 500 kilometers later I arrived at the hotel and found my room with a great view of the Øresund Bridge.

I set off early the next day and rode to the Rodbyhavn and took the ferry to Puttgarden.

After that it was 4 more hours of riding to Nordhausen to meet up with my parents and sister to go camping. The following day my sister and I went for a ride around the beautiful Harz national park making a nice end for the third week of travel.

The temperature in Germany was more than 10 degrees celsius warmer than in Sweden which required some getting used to, but plenty of cold beverages (alcohol free ofcourse) along the way aided the transition.